Pressbits version 2.1 is a demo for Castyo

From PDFs and images, create, edit and present slideshows using your iPhone or iPad. Download Castyo, free on the App Store.

Pressbits version 2.0


Mirror your iPhone display

If you have a viewing address, enter it here:   

Giving presentations just got easier!

1. Download Pressbits for iPhone.

2. Select what to broadcast.

3. Invite viewers anywhere on the web.

No cables. No software. No account or login. No setup or hassle with USB memory or file download.

Invite your attendees over the web, and broadcast directly from your iPhone.
Show slide by slide from your iPhone, to PCs, smartphones, tablets, TVs and projectors or other devices, anywhere on the web.

  — And you don't even have to bring your presentation, as long as you can access it on the web.

Broadcasting feature

Pressbits Plus

In app purchase

Pressbits Free

Page by page presentation from, etc

Images from etc

Use speakerphone simultaneously, for remote presentation

Any web site, news site, product web site etc

Images from your iPhone Photo Album


Page by page Powerpoint* presentation


PDF* document page by page


Word* document page by page


Excel* document page by page


* You must access the document via a web link.
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